We’re all attracted to beauty and shiny things. It’s in our nature and it’s impossible to override. Your marketing can make the most of these basic human instincts.

One way is to add StarMarque spot gloss highlights to your promo material. The contrasting matt base causes the highlights to shimmer in the light. And get noticed. They bring marketing to life.

It’s best to use StarMarque as a design object in its own right, rather than overlaying a picture or text. Ask us for ideas. And save up to £50 on our StarMarque range in June.

Watch people’s reaction to spot gloss shimmering as you proudly hand out these thick, elegant cards.

Add StarMarque spot gloss highlights to the front and back of your cards, for a premium feel.

Reduce unit cost with a lightweight 250gsm matt laminated artboard for direct mail pieces, like this postcard.

Our Showcards make luxurious invitations. Thick 400gsm matt laminated artboard, with full frontal gloss highlights.

Give your quotes and proposals more presence by enclosing them in a persuasive StarMarque thick folder.

Make dazzling free-standing cocktail and drinks menus, with easy-fold creased StarMarque showcards.

Discounts shown on this page expire 6pm, 29/06/19