a little bit about us!

Originally set up as a partnership in the early 1980’s by David Brown and Karen Jameson as a pre-press studio, the first trading name was SOS Typesetting. Being early adopters of technology, we invested heavily in the Linotype CRTronic system of phototypesetting, plus the Linotype font library. After a few years of successful business our world was about to be turned upside down with the introduction of Postscript. It was not known then how the introduction of Apple Macs, PCs and Photoshop would likely impact the print industry but we were about to find out. It was to completely change everything…some things for the better and some for the worse. We evolved, we had to.

So the transition into print began. We incorporated in 1987 and decided to officially change our name in 1988. The term typesetting was feeling out of date so we wanted a name that had both a link to our past but also a big eye on the future and letterworks was born.

Over the following years letterworks has continued to invest heavily in litho, digital, dye-sublimation, laminating, bookmaking and foiling equipment. But aside from the machinery, we’ve also had a return to our roots, going back to the studio environment to create digital artwork files. Of course, we now have a choice between output going to print, digital or both.

But our latest, most exciting investment is in the digital transformation that is taking over the world. Web to print has arrived and we have developed the PrintSafe System® to make our customers buying experience easier and to safeguard their brand integrity.

Now, in 2018, David and Karen are still heading up the company as joint managing directors of the letterworks team. We have a wonderful group of print managers, designers, production and admin staff who have the knowledge, passion and processes to ensure that you always get exactly what you want, before deadline and without mistakes.

Thank you to all the businesses that have supported us over our thirty years, here’s to a bright future together.

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Four little reasons to choose letterworks…


Great customer service


Our team is available during business hours to respond to your phone or email queries and to resolve any print job problems you may have.

We’re well connected


You get the best of both worlds. We’re a full service team of printers and creatives here in Reading, but we link to a UK hi-tech production hub to offer even more print choices at great online prices.

We’re reliable


We won’t let you down. We respect your deadlines and despatch 99.5% of orders on time or early.

We’re fast


Our most popular items are available with next day despatch, but if that’s not quick enough, ask about our NOW! same day service. Or if you’ve planned with time in hand, choose our standby service to get our lowest prices.