I finally decided to get down with the kids and start a Facebook page for our business. The avatar is sorted, the Letterworks logo has been duly resized and a picture for the supporting personal page has been retrieved from the back of the kitchen drawer.

I then feel rather inadequate when I get the confirmation email reading “you currently have no fans on facebook” sent through. It always seems worse to read of your unpopularity in type! But then, worse was to follow when I checked out the look of my brand new page. First of all, there’s my date of birth staring out from the page. Heck, there’s just no need for that!

But the final indignation comes when I see the target marketing employed by Facebook to give their advertisers best return on investment. Clearly these sponsors are matched to the profile of the corresponding ‘Face’. My personal page shows adverts for a credit card, menopause treatment and bingo. I think I’ve just been stereotyped!

My colleague, Leigh (a female in her early thirties) checked her page and got credit cards, brandy and high fashion. My teenage daughter got games, games and more games…

Well, I guess the moral of the story is…best to just lie about your age!!